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The TaxOlolo Affair – A Prequel and a Sequel

Why this article? Some news have been published recently about a “new” malspam campaign targetting italian users, such as these two: http://www.certego.net/en/news/new-spam-delivering-infostealer/ https://marcoramilli.blogspot.it/2018/01/huge-botnet-attacking-italian-companies.html In this campaign, the attackers are sending out forged spam messages impersonating the Italian Department of Treasury (Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze). The messages contain a link leading to the download and … Continue reading The TaxOlolo Affair – A Prequel and a Sequel

Hancitor – Inside a Malware Campaign (Updated)

What is Hancitor (in short)? Hancitor (AKA Chanitor) is a malware that uses Microsoft Office documents with macros to download malicious payloads like Pony, Vawtrak and other trojans/stealers/ransomware. Recently Hancitor joined the top 5 “most wanted” malware in Check Point’s February Global Threat impact index.   Why this article? Having been active for at least … Continue reading Hancitor – Inside a Malware Campaign (Updated)